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Philadelphia, PA Family TherapyAddiction and its accompanying addictive behaviors is an individual, couples, and family matter.  The problematic addictive behaviors result in negative and painful consequences for all family members.

Philadelphia, PA Individual Therapy

What customarily occurs is an ongoing and escalating tug-of-war with the family on one end of the rope and the person with the addictive behaviors on the other end: one side pulling toward abstinence and sobriety while the other pulls away.  

Then something happens.  The person with the addictive behaviors miraculously seizes upon an opportunity to begin a “do-over” process.  This opportunity can materialize by involvement in the legal system, the loss or probable loss of employment, family members refusing to continue to pick-up after the addictive behaviors, health crisis, or the person with the addiction becoming sick- N-tired of being sick-N-tired.  The goal of abstinence, becoming clean and sober, by our loved one unbelievably becomes desired, expressed, pursued and achieved.  Abstinence is achieved, a happy ending to a long painful, costly, frustrating ordeal.  Right? ... Well.... not so quickly! 

Philadelphia, PA Depression Therapy

There are many nodding your head in agreement as you read this. You are not alone!welcome you to the many challenges in living and loving during this transitional stage of recent abstinence: that time “in-between” the time of escalating addictive behaviors and the time of living established long-recovery.  That “in-between” time where you were and where you long to be.  That “in-between” time of knowing what you are no longer willing to endure and not yet sure if that which you long for is actually within your reach.  That “in-between” time of feeling alone and abandoned, yet longing to regain your supportive and valued relationship with your spouse/partner.  That “in-between” time of not yet healed, yet longing to be made whole. The “in-between” time of now, that lays somewhere between the madness of the past and the uncertainty of the future.    



Philadelphia, PA Anxiety Counseling

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