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Together We Can"Discover Better Solutions"
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Addictions and Recovery

A 5-week group program for spouses/partners of those with addictions Philadelphia, PA Group Counseling

  • Weekly Support: The groups meet weekly for 1 ½ hours
  • Small Size: The group size is limited to 5 -10 participants
  • Short Waiting Period: The waiting time for the next group is 1 – 4 weeks.
  • Focus on Your Needs: Each group cycle is designed to center upon your unique needs
  • Empowering: Every RNR cycle is intended to empower you to be better able to respond differently, and with increased self-care, to your spouse/partner’s current addictive behavioral activity, whether Active Addictive Behaviors; Transition/Abstinence; Early Stage of Active Recovery; or Long-term/Well Established Recovery Lifestyle.
  • Convenient: Located in Northeast Philadelphia 
  •  Affordable
Can Relationships iN Recovery (RNR) Help You?
Marital relationships are extremely vulnerable during the transitional stage of recent abstinence: the “in-between” time of prior escalating addictive behaviors and the time of living established long-recovery.  Dr. Gene Devers designed Relationships iN Recovery (RNR) group for committed partners, just like you, and to help stabilize your relationship with your spouse/partner. He developed RNR in response to and in collaboration with folk feeling confused, angry, afraid, and overwhelmed by their spouse/partner’s recently achieved sobriety. Dr. Devers created RNR to coach you in learning how to successfully care for yourself, your children, and your relationship, starting now during this time of “in-between”.  


Philadelphia, PA Recovery Support Group
                    RNR was designed to: 
                      ·        Inform

                     ·         Support

                    ·         Challenge
RNR is intended to be a safe place in which you can participate in a supportive transforming group, which mirrors the process and attention that your spouse/partner is so actively involved.

To reserve your place in the next RNR group please contact Dr. Gene Devers.  Make the 5-week commitment to benefit from all th at RNR has for you and your marriage.  He is eager to coach you to embrace this “in-between” time as the pathway to peace. 
Together, We Can:

Discover Better Solutions
Develop New Possibilities
Discern The Sacred

Design An Improved Process of Change©


A full-range of additional services available for you and your loved ones:
addressing relational adjustments throughout the entire recovery process:


  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Couples Counseling (when timely appropriate), 
  • RNR Couples Groups are for those with a spouse/partner who is active in their recovery program
  • Ongoing series of RNR groups.


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