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Open Letter To Couples

Thank you for visiting my web page Philly Family Life Counseling. I hope that you find it helpful and hopeful. I appreciate the hesitation that comes when deciding who to contact to begin counseling. Calling is difficult; yet so are the concerns about “how do I know who I will feel comfortable with”? So, I am including this “open letter” to introduce myself in a more personal way to aid in your sense if you and I may have a fit.

My understanding, collaborative, witty, and simple conversational style, and practical insights, using a family systems perspective, equip me to be an unusually engaging and affective couple’s therapist. I have an openness and respect that is equally responsive to, and engaging with men and women, adults and adolescents, with a keen cultural sensitivity and awareness. Whether working with an individual, couple, or whole families, I am always “seeing and hearing a dance being performed”. I am very visual in my understanding of what people are saying and doing, thinking and feeling, and am always seeing a dance troupe performing in my office; regardless of who is physically participating in the conversation. The dance may be expressive of fear and anxiety, sadness and depression; loneliness and dissatisfaction in your marriage; hesitancy, past hurts, and mood swings - holding you back from making future plans regarding marriage, children, vocational or educational goals; increasing arguments and growing distance between you and other loved family members. Your dance may be to the beat of grief and loss; drugs and alcohol problematic use or other addictive behaviors; harsh and negative self-image; or crises of faith with an unquenchable spiritual thirst. I will often use metaphor to express in simple visual terms, what I am hearing each person express: to the other partner, to me, to other family members, and to themselves. I am an encourager inviting each person to broaden their perspective and improve communication by “changing your dance step”.

My two favorite and most used metaphors describing my therapy style and the quality of my therapeutic relationships in couples counseling, marriage therapy, family counseling, and life-coaching, are that of a master chef and dance coach; both creative, collaborative, and intimate; with a results/outcome oriented artistry, and influenced by the “occasion”.

So, whether you are looking for marriage therapy, post or pre wedding couples counseling, children or blended family therapy, I encourage you to give me a call and let’s talk. Let’s begin to create unique metaphors for your deep desired change and yearning for contentment.

I have flexible appointment schedules, can usually offer you an appointment time within 48-hours, and a member of my scheduling team is eager to assist you schedule your initial session. Let’s begin our conversation together by calling 215/ 677-3810.


Dr. Gene Devers
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